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Sonic Plumber

Philosophy : Cables designed to provide the most accurate signal transfer.

Standard Cables vs Our Design : Most cable manufacturers create cables that alter the signal for what they perceive to a “better sound”, thereby creating unnatural distortion. A particular piece of equipment may sound better than another at one frequency. However, the accuracy and essence of the original signal is lost in the process.

Superior design requires : A mix of conductor material, dielectric, conductor and shield geometry, jacket stiffness, along with fanatical dedication to manufacturing quality. 

Our Goal : Transcend the ordinary with accuracy

Sprocket Scientist 

Created by an Indian off-road adventure motorcycling enthusiast for Indian off-road adventure motorcycling enthusiasts.

We offer tried and tested quality parts designed to fix existing issues or upgrade the functionality of the off-road motorcycles available in India.

Motorcycles are sold in fixed sizes and we understand that every rider is built different. Our parts enable you to customise your ride to fit your body perfectly.

As chassis enthusiasts, we know the most important factor is ergonomics.

Our goal is to make the ride fit the rider well, to ensure confidence and safety. 


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